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Freedom and Liberty
Dear blog followers:
I posted this to Foster Gamble's Blog November 20, 2013 on the website and thought it good to post to my own blog:

So far, Foster, I have read your blog post concerning liberty. Yeah!

Overall comments: the opposite of "to violate" is "to respect." As we speak of respect more often, we help to attune ourselves and our society to that vibration. Also, to the best of my knowledge, liberty is the ability to move around without impediment, to be without a cage or container. Freedom is the ability to actualize and manifest one's intentions in physical reality.

Concerning the above questions:
Question 1. Yes, I would enjoy a voluntary society. I went to the IRS office recently and thought what a difference it would make if each taxpayer sent his or her taxes with a blessing and thanksgiving, keeping in mind that we reap what we sow. I also note that when I have worked in a very cooperative, uplifting environment, everyone felt better, made more money and was better supported when we associated voluntarily and freely. Jealously and worry about money seems to suppress attitudes, success and sales.

Question 2. It is always inappropriate to violate or disrespect another person. If one person is harming or attempting to harm another, the second person is seeing and respecting the truth of the situation to defend her- or himself. While there are spiritual and energetic remedies that allow one to sidestep physical force, the physical force is one natural consequence of a harmful intent on the part of the first individual and to that degree physical force in return is not a violation. It may not be in anyone's best interest and may be strongly discouraged but it is not a violation.

Question 3. No. An authoritarian power using coercion is not necessary in order for human beings to be compassionate. In fact, authoritarian power tends to suppress compassion and render it ineffective. The neutralization of the power of compassion is one of the main drawbacks to the shift in the financing of medical care.

Question 4. No. Violence is never a sustainable basis for a peaceful society. The USA is a warlike society in transition at this time. If there is anything in our environment with which we take issue, the remedy is to fight it; we are taught to fight everything from "the bulge" to cancer to sleep. I respectfully suggest that we want a respectful and free, as well as peaceful, society.

I am still working on my ability to thrive as an individual. Once I am more stable, I can be more effective for the Thrive Movement. If you are anyone is interested, I have a GoFundMe page, where I am taking donations. Please keep in mind that it is getting cold here in Gary, Indiana. Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps.

Foster and Kim, please keep up the good work!

With Love and Thanksgiving,
Norma Carey
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LOCAL NEWS: The Tibetan Monks were in Gary, Indiana from July 29 to August 1 and helped to uplift the city with prayers and a sand mandala for world peace. Kniola and his friends from the local area assisted the monks with a puja and drumming circle.

Tomorrow, August 6, 2013 Gary Mayor, Karen Freeman-Wilson and the Gary Police Department are sponsoring a “National Night Out” from 6P to 9P at two locations: Pittman Square Park, 51st Ave. and Pennsylvania St. and Horace Mann Track, 5th Ave. and Garfield Street.

Today’s topic is respect. When was the last time you heard the word “respect” spoken during international, national or local news and commentary shows?
I couple this with another idea, what we resist persists. When I ask people if they agree that this is true, about 75% of them say they agree. Do you feel that what you resist persists?
Let those questions run through your mind while I talk a bit about resistance.
Saying, “No,” resenting, sabotaging, hating, fighting and warring are forms of resistance. When we resist a thing, we have that thing clearly in mind, we never take our eyes off the thing that we perceive to be the enemy and we are capable of keeping the thing in our sights for decades as we continually recreate the scenario in our heads and sometimes in our everyday lives. Collectively, we declared the battle of the bulge in the 1960’s. In 2013, not only has the amount of obesity in the USA increased but it is affecting younger and younger people. In the 1960’s, we also declared a war on poverty, simultaneously removing phonics from kindergarten, refusing to teach English as a second language to Appalachian and Black children and introducing new math. In 2013, pawn shops note that more and more affluent people are bringing in their possessions to pawn in order to make ends meet, prices are soaring while wages stagnate if you can find work at all. Poverty is still with us. The education system was collateral damage and few people in the country now can consistently differentiate between a possessive and a plural.
Rather than resistance, a focus on what we do want may well yield far better results. If our goal is a nurturing, uplifted, comfortable community, a focus on respect may bring us greater success than we have seen in the recent past.
My belief is that the opposite of violence is respect. When I looked up the dictionary definitions, the antonyms of respect were criticism, disdain, disregard, ignorance, neglect, disfavor and the like. When I checked the antonyms of violence, calm, health, kindness, system, surrender, organization, peace, passivity and such were listed. Then I tried putting the words respect and violence in a search engine together. Organizations and websites which were using the concept of respect as an alternative to violence were listed. I feel that I am on the right track to say a much greater focus on respect may help create more pleasing communities for human beings.

To respect means to admire someone or something deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements. It also means to have due regard for, to avoid harming or interfering with, to agree to recognize and abide by (a legal requirement, for example).

Violence: physical force used to injure; powerful force such as a hurricane; a violent act or deed; harm done by violating rights, etc. Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Violate: To break a law, promise, etc.; to rape; to desecrate something sacred; to break in upon, disturb. Webster’s New World Dictionary.

Violence in the classrooms. Violence of crushing self-esteem in kindergarten. The solution is as easy as teaching Standard American English as a second language.

To stop violence, we increase respect. We may need to do our homework and hold people accountable and demand to know what is going on. We start with the person in the mirror, self-respect and self-love, then our families, then our communities, then our cities, counties, parishes, then our states or provinces, then our countries and our planet.

There are Universal Laws concerning a person’s free will and sovereignty. Ignoring, disregarding, i.e., violating those Universal Laws is indeed a violation. A focus on respect is a focus on the opposite of violence and ultimately brings the respect upon which we are focusing into physical manifestation.

Thank you very much to all of the lady-norma listeners and to the blogtalkradio team. It has been my pleasure to serve you today. I continue to take new life coaching clients. Call me at 219-292-4222 or email me at when you feel that you are making a change in your life and want a boost to go the distance. Respect and blessings.

Defining Human Wellbeing
Good afternoon and welcome to the 7/20/2013 post on the Lady Norma Blog.

The focus of the Lady Norma Blog is news from the perspective of human wellbeing (the hyphen is deliberately removed). I live in Gary, Indiana, USA and many people here want more local news so that is included along with some county, state, national and international news. To help provide structure for the human wellbeing perspective, here is a definition and a list of criteria. A helpful website is Comments about this are strongly encouraged.

Human wellbeing is the condition in which a human being is well, whole, complete. Sometimes this condition is referred to as healthy. It is my understanding that people are spiritual beings with emotions, thoughts and physical bodies. In everyday life, very often, if a person has the basic means of physical survival on planet Earth, he or she can move from there to provide himself or herself the other aspects of wholeness such as peace, purpose and jobs. For the purposes of the socio-political discussions in this blog, human wellbeing means that the people in question are living well. Living well means that the human beings have, at least, all the means of Earthly survival at the same time. The means of Earthly survival are clean air, clean water, nutritious food, restful sleep, shelter, utilities and clothing.

The above list has seven items and we can ask ourselves as individuals and as members of various segments of society to what degree and with what consistency we have these things. There may be wider fluctuations in our assessments at first so we give ourselves permission to change our opinions. I have a linear streak and I am familiar with percentages, thus the following table of 4 columns and 8 rows:

Lady Norma Gary USA
Clean Air 55% 55% 55%
Clean Water 90% 60% 40%
Nutritious Food 50% 20% 40%
Restful Sleep 85% 50% 50%
Shelter 10% 60% 65%
Utilities 30% 40% 50%
Clothing 70% 80% 80%

The question becomes how we help all the numbers get to 100% as we develop solutions and policies in response to the news.

Gary News: I went to the Gary Common Council website to confirm the date of the next Common Council meeting. That information is unavailable from that source as of this writing. I believe that there will not be a meeting on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 and that the next meeting will be Tuesday, August 6, 2013.
Today, July 20, 2013, 2P – 8P, Pop Up Art and Antique Car Show on Lake Street, Gary, IN 46403.
Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 5:30 P – 7:30 P, Gary Waste Collection and Disposal Forum, Common Council Chambers, 401 Broadway, Gary, IN 46402
July 29, 2013 – August 1, 2013, Sacred Arts Tour, Gary Aquatorium, 6918 Oak Avenue, Gary, IN 46403, Drepung Gomang Monastery Monks create a sand mandala for peace, conduct workshops, and a drumming circle [].
There have been 30 homicides in the City of Gary in the past 7 months. Hopefully there is as much focus on self-respect and the respect of others as there is on fighting violence. Fighting is a type of resistance and we know that what we resist persists. Focusing on what we want, in this case, respect, yields that result.

County News: The Lake County 1.5% income tax goes into effect 10/01/2013. No events are listed on the website. The Lake County Fair takes place from August 1 – 11, 2013 at the Lake County Fair Grounds in Crown Point, Indiana []

State News: There are no statewide elections scheduled in 2013. The Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration takes place July 11 – 21, 2013 []. The Indiana State Fair takes place August 2 – 18, 2013 at the Indiana State Fair Grounds in Indianapolis, Indiana.

National News: Detroit, Michigan, USA, under the direction of a federal manager, has filed bankruptcy. By contrast, Gary, Indiana avoided bankruptcy, kept its Health Department and its bus corporation under the local management of its Finance Department headed by Celita Green.

Please comment about these ideas in the comment section or at

I wish everyone the peace that passes all understanding.


The Power of Worldview
Good evening and welcome to Lady Norma's Blog.

I am happy to see that what could have been an ugly situation has turned into a national discussion of race relations. At the same time, I feel that the fundamental issues of the Martin v. Zimmerman case are universal law, human nature, human rights and common sense and race is being used to cloud the fact that a decision was made that ignores these principles of our existence. No human being should feel that wearing certain types of clothing or being unknown to another person will lead to death. Also, as a spiritual/energetic being having a physical experience, a human being is responsible for his or her own feelings and not how another person feels. Feelings guide us relative to our experience and can signal a problem, but a feeling alone does not establish the existence of a clear and present danger. Further, a feeling can explain but does not justify over-zealous behavior. I would like to see the discussion continue and expand to include self-love, self-respect, poise, respect for each other and the establishment of generally peaceful communities.

Race relations in the USA are important. Gun ownership and use are important subjects of debate. Profiling, diversity sensitivity training, self-defense training, and personal poise are useful subjects of consideration. At the heart of the Martin v. Zimmerman situation may be low self-esteem, poor conflict resolution skills and poor communication skills, not to mention a worldview that perceives strangers as enemies.

When our standard view of other people is that they are enemies, we often take the position that they are to be controlled, gotten rid of or neutralized in some way and sometimes we advocate any means to accomplish this. Often a feeling of fear accompanies this worldview. Sometimes, a feeling of low self-esteem accompanies this view, as well. True communication with a person we perceive to be an enemy does not work as well as communication with someone we like and trust. Conflicts with an enemy are sometimes resolved by annihilating the perceived threat.

Achieving a peaceful community may mean raising the self-esteem of people who are in fear and perceive themselves to be at risk. One technique for doing this is in the movie, "The Help." Toward the beginning of the film, in the voice of the protagonist, it is indicated that, "I have figured out how to raise their self-esteem." A little later, the maid instructs the child in her care to remember and say, "I am kind; I am smart; I am important." Understanding that I am kind, I'm part of the family, I'm part of the whole is one key to feeling safe and secure. Being certain that I know what is going on around me and am not being secretly targeted also helps one to feel safe and secure. Knowing that I count helps me to know that the protection, love and care of Source flow to me because I am important and worthy of these things, just as the sparrows and lilies are.

Perhaps we can institute a door-to-door campaign asking people what reminds them that they are kind, smart and important. If they reply that nothing reminds them, perhaps we can be the reminder.

Further, think how many people could be employed by such a venture.

I wish everyone the peace that passes all understanding.


Circle Sing
Fun and energy balancing at the same time! On June 20, 2013, there is a circle sing at the Gary Aquatorium.

Welcome to Lady Norma's Blog!
As we come into the home stretch of the Great Shift of Human Consciousness, as we move from fear-based society and experience to love-based society and experience we note that many things are moving into abject chaos. For example, after hurricane Sandy, more storms are forecast for the east coast of the United States around the time of the November 6 election. While our voting systems are now largely electronic, large areas there are still without electrical power. One wonders whether there can be a fair and accurate election if some people are not able to vote due to equipment being without power to run. In the meantime, we human beings are becoming more aware of our oneness, interdependence and relationships to each other. Human beings are waking up and standing in our power; we are making it clear that the same universal laws that keep the stars in their courses order our lives and it is not ok to work us like slaves and not provide an appropriate, equal energy exchange, in this case, adequate amounts of money and Earthly resources.

I, Lady Norma, stand firmly on the side of love-based living. I envision a love-based society and support and promote Human well-being for myself and others. I note that Human Beings are living well when our environment is doing well and when we get along well with the other beings that live on the Earth with us.

I was a volunteer radio talk show host from June 2009 to May 2011 and at the beginning of my shows I said that Human Beings have the right to the means of our habitation here on planet Earth and when Human Beings are living well we have these means, clean air, clean water, nutritious food, restful sleep, shelter, utilities and clothing, all at the same time. In our money-based economy, this also means that we have an adequate income of money to support buying the resources listed. It further means that we have awareness of a bigger picture and are willing the take action on a larger stage than our couches to make sure that the rules we live by reflect who we are today and support our ability to survive and even thrive.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this blog post; many blessings to you. I wish you the ring of truth, the sounds of silence and the joy of laughter.
Lady Norma