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​​​​​About Lady Norma

Lady Norma had a very well-rounded upbringing and training that included many years as a chorist, several years as a practicing sound therapist,development classes in clairvoyance and mediumship with Spiritualist churches, certification in TAU Healing Touch, a two-year stint as a volunteer radio talk show host, a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Spanish, writing a book, and three decades as an executive and legal secretary. This was sprinkled with jobs as a tutor, groundskeeper, heavy equipment handler, electrical apprentice, laborer, maid, and cook. She grew up in a well-to-do household in Gary, Indiana. Her father was a prominent physician and surgeon and her mother was a scientist, attentive parent and active community, local political, and Black empowerment advocate. As an adult, Lady Norma is a hard worker who, nevertheless, experiences times of plenty along with times of cash poverty and homelessness. She now has a wealth of skill, knowledge and experience from which to draw so that she can speak with authority and clarity on a wide range of topics and help to be a bridge between various groups of people as the world approaches unity consciousness.

​​Currently, Lady Norma works as a Holy Spirit/Archangel-guided intuitive and life coach. She has studied disciplines such as crystal energy, sound therapy, sacred geometry, wellness and interdimensional living. She uses clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition to access the truth and wisdom in life’s many situations. She acts as a channel or medium for messages from one’s inner self, guides and angels. And, she maintains grounding and a general vibration of calm alertness so that it is easier to hear and understand what is expressed. Cards are used for the convenience of her clients.  Her community service includes being a Regional Thrive Solutions Hub Coordinator ( and participating in the Sister Giant event November 2012 ( to help birth another political paradigm.

The purpose of this website ( is to support, empower and enhance Lady Norma's​ efforts as she lifts her literary, speaking and singing voices for the well-being and upliftment of human beings, our friends and our environment. This website is powered by, protected by and dedicated to the glory of the Love that lives in all of our hearts and is the One Infinite Source called by many names.​​

Thank you to the many visitors to this site and many blessings to all of your efforts for the highest good of humankind and our planet!​​
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